November 27, 2012


We went down to my parents' in Manassas for Thanksgiving this year.  Austin, Mariko, and Harrison were there too.  It was a day full of family and food, and it was awesome!

Mom's been working on making a mini dessert cup version of nanaimo bars and they turned out great!  And they're cute, in addition to being delicious!  Aaron and I were in charge of snacks/appetizers, drinks, and rolls.  I made a cheese ball and cracker tray, fruit and fruit dip tray, and we brought a few different sparkling drinks.  For the rolls, I came up with this awesome idea to make them shaped like turkeys!  Some of them ended up looking really cute (and others... didn't...) and I was pretty impressed that my middle-of-the-night idea actually turned out well!

On Black Friday, we went shopping, but not crazy middle of the night/early morning shopping.  We went to the stores between 9:00 and 10:30 am and still got some good deals without having any lines and craziness to deal with.  Awesome! After shopping, we went with my parents to spend the day at their new lake house they just bought!  (They're planning on renting it out sometime in the next year or so, and then when they retire they'll sell the Manassas house and move into the lake house.)  It's a really cute house and we spent the day changing locks, testing appliances, putting up blinds, and cleaning.

So we had a really good weekend with family!  I'm so thankful to have my family living so close that we can see them often.


Anonymous said...

Where is this lake house?
I wish I'd remembered you would be in Manassas--I have a baby gift for you!
Jen Duvall

Erika Kimbler said...

The lakehouse is near Winchester.
I'll be in Manassas again for Christmas, so maybe I can see you then!

Becky said...

Sounds like a fun time! Your turkey rolls are very creative and cute!

The Browning Bunch said...

The turkey rolls are so cute!