May 28, 2010


Never have I wanted to be on Glee more than when they were all given free mattresses.
Aaron and I have both been having trouble sleeping, and even when we sleep from 10:45pm-7:45am (which is normal for us) we don't really feel rested in the morning.  I blame our mattress.

So now I really want to buy our own mattress, since we're just using the one provided by the apartment complex.  However, our old debate comes into play here.  We live in a furnished apartment.  We'll be out of here in less than a year.  We don't know where we're going to end up.  So we were hoping to postpone buying furniture until we're done with school so we don't have to move it later.

Which brings up something else.  Our rent is going up starting in September.  Yes, we're only going to be here until April, but I don't like that we're paying more for a one bedroom place than other people who have two bedrooms.  This makes me want to move, to get more space and to save money, but this likely means we'd have to go a little further from campus, which would be fine for me but hard for Aaron.  It would also mean that we would need to buy some serious furniture, more than just the coffee table and bookcases we already have.  Which means that we'll have to move it all when we leave Provo in April.

I mentioned some of this on facebook and I've already received lots of comments.  I just don't know what to do. And we have to let our complex know if we're going to renew our contract by June 5, which means we have only a week to figure out if we want to move and where to move.

And I'm going to need a new job once I finish my 910 yearly hours in August.  I don't really even want to think about that now, although I've looked at a few Provo City jobs that are constantly taking applications, and I'm thinking I'll apply for them once it's a little closer.  Really, I'd just love to stay where I am, but unfortunately I can't.  It seems a little backwards to me that graduating is losing me a great job, but it is what it is, right?  Lame.

May 25, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

So Aaron and I decided to take a weekend trip for our anniversary to Cedar City and Zion National Park.  We had a blast.  We left right from work at about noon on Friday the 14th to drive down.

That evening we found a really neat wooden playground and walking path and did some exploring before dinner.  I wish we had taken some pictures there because the playground was awesome!  It was all made of wood and had all kinds of fun things to play with.

So we spent all day Saturday in Zion.  It was so beautiful... in a desert kind of way...

We did the Angel's Landing hike (as well as a couple smaller ones afterward) which was really neat.  The last stretch of the hike is super steep and you have to use chains to get to the top.  There were some really cool spots along the way...

...And some really steep switchbacks...
...But the view from the top was amazing!
Not that the view from the bottom was bad either:
We had originally planned on going back to Zion on Sunday before we headed back to Provo, since the pass you pay for is good for 7 days, but we were so exhausted from hiking and being out in the sun so we changed our plans and slept in.  It was so nice and so relaxing!  The hotel bed was big, and comfortable, and the hotel breakfast was amazing, complete with hash browns and waffles and sausage.  Once we finally headed out, we stopped at the Parowan petroglyphs...  I guess they were discovered by the LDS pioneers when they first got out west.
And we even made a little friend while we explored!
It was such a fun trip and we had absolutely perfect weather while we were there... nothing like this crazy snow we had today!  Absurd!  But that's a totally different topic...

It's been the best year of my life, married to the best friend I've ever had.  We're so in love, and we're looking forward to many more incredible years to come!

May 10, 2010

Grade Mishap

I'm so glad I don't throw any school work away until at least a few months after that semester ends.

A couple weeks ago, grades for Winter 2010 came online.  I went online and was shocked to see a D+ among my As and Bs.  What?  Now, this was for my Lit and Film class.  I wasn't expecting an A, but I was thinking a B was in order.  So a D+?  No way.

So I emailed my professor.  I told him that I realized that I forgot to turn in one assignment, but I remembered getting good grades on everything else, and I asked him for a breakdown of my grade to see what went wrong.

Well, when I got his reply, I realized that there was something seriously wrong.  He had a 0 listed for my annotated bibliography, which was worth 15% of my total grade-- he said I didn't turn it in!  Oh, heck no, I stayed up really late the night before to make sure I got that in.  But since I was on campus (and I don't have any need to carry around my school stuff anymore) I didn't have it with me, so he said he'd believe me and give me a 75% on it.

Really?  I knew I did well on it-- why can't you just wait for me to get home and tell you what grade you actually gave me?

Long story short, I got home and checked my paper: 90%.  I wrote to my professor again and told him the correct grade, but apparently didn't trust me THAT much, so I had to bring it to his office and drop it off in his box.  (I, of course, photocopied it first, just in case...)

And then finally, about a week later, my grade got updated officially and I saw a pretty little B among all my other As and Bs.

Not that a D+ would have kept me from graduating, but I wanted the grade I earned!  It was so stressful- I know professors have a lot of papers to grade, but I don't want to suffer from his lack of record keeping.


Oh well, it's all fixed now, and I don't have to worry about it anymore.