May 13, 2011

Contract- Sold! (And some trip planning)

I am happy to announce that our contract for our apartment has been sold!  This is so exciting for us because we were starting to get worried that we would have to pay rent here even after we were gone and paying rent somewhere else.  But that's not an issue anymore!  Yay!
So now that we have that taken care of, we're working on finalizing the details of our road trip to my parents' house in Northern VA.  Right now we're planning on spending a day in Arches, spending a day driving to and hiking in Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and then a 12 hour day driving to Omaha, another 12 hour day to Columbus (where we're hoping we can meet up with Aaron's brother who lives there, either that evening or the next morning), and then a shorter 7 hour day to Manassas.  It's a lot of driving, but at least we have 2 really fun days in there.

We're also working on packing up our apartment, since we're going to be checking out of our apartment in a week!  It's looking a lot emptier in here, with most of the pictures off the walls as well as a lot of stuff in boxes and already in a storage unit.  The problem is that now we're getting to the stuff we don't want to pack up until the last minute since we use them.  Like clothes and some bathroom and kitchen stuff.  It's exciting though, even though it's a lot of work getting ready to move.

OH!  In other news, Austin and Mariko had their baby on Monday!  His name is Harrison and I haven't met him yet (I will once we get to VA) but I've seen pictures and he is adorable!  I'm so excited for them!  So I now have 6 nephews, 2 nieces, and two on the way (gender unknown!).  Wow!

*Check out our countdowns on the right- everything is getting so close!*

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Mariko said...

So glad your contract sold!!

Good luck on the drive over here. Hope all goes smoothly!

We will see you in not too long!!