June 28, 2013

Babbling Baby

This boy is a chatterbox.

This is my life.  And I wouldn't have it any other way.

June 15, 2013

Half of a Year!

Wow- 6 months!

This past month, Andrew has really started to become mobile!  He was doing a weird inchworm crawling thing last month but now he really moves!  When he's just playing, he does this thing where he does a little inchworm/army crawling, then takes a few real crawling "steps," flops onto his belly, rolls over a couple times, and does it all over again.  It really takes him all over the room.  But when we sees something he really wants, he knows how to go right to it.  It's crazy.

I think I can finally say that Andrew can sit unsupported now, too!  He can't quite get into a sitting position on his own yet, but he can sit there and play with toys, watch things going on around him, and flap his arms all around.  He almost sat up on his own at the doctor's office yesterday though- he's so close!

And he can now pull himself up to standing!  If I sit him next to something that's the right height (like his Pampers wipes box) he can pull himself all the way up.  And then he usually stands there playing for a while too.  I feel like he's too little to be doing that, but it's awesome!

New experience for the month- swimming pool!  I wrote about it in this post- we haven't gone swimming again since then, because of the weird weather we've been having.  Aaron has been trying to get Andrew used to floating (and just being in the water in general) during bath time.  At the end of the bath, Aaron helps him float or sit in the water without his bath seat.  We'll see if it helps!

The past 2 weeks have been a little rough though- Andrew has suddenly had a really hard time going to sleep (for both naps and at night) and he seems to want to nurse all the time.  We went to the doctor for his 6 month visit and she's a little worried about his weight, and thinks the problems are all related.  So Andrew's going to be getting a lot of bottles in the next little while, so we can figure out what's going on.  The doctor said he's in perfect health otherwise, and is acting like a 9 month-old rather than a 6 month-old!  Awesome!

New things for Andrew this month:
Sitting unassisted
Crawling (kind of)
Swimming pool
Going out in the rain
Pulling himself up
Sitting in the shopping cart

June 7, 2013

Water Baby

Andrew loves the water.  He has loved the water since his first bath.  I don't mean the sponge baths that just make babies confused and cold- I mean the first time he could have his bath in the big bathtub (in his bath seat) once his umbilical cord had fallen off and healed.

So I was really excited to take him to the pool for the first time.  We bought a float thing for him to sit in, a couple of swim diapers, a swim shirt and shorts, and a hat.  And we headed over to the pool.

Well, the water was much colder than his bath water.  No surprise here (except to Andrew).

He cried when we put him into his float.  He kept kicking around, trying to find something solid to put his feet on.  Poor kid didn't know how to handle being suspended in water.

So we just held him while we were in the water, or let him stand up on the steps, and he seemed to really enjoy the pool.  And he looked so dang cute too :)

The second time to the pool went even better.  We didn't bother with the float- we'll try again in a month or so.  The water was warmer, it was somewhat familiar, and he was less tired.

Now I'm really looking forward to spending the summer poolside with my water baby!

June 5, 2013

Memorial Day

We had plans to do some organizing and cleaning on Memorial Day.  But then my brother and his wife came up with a plan to invade my parents' lake house (even though they weren't there) so we did that instead :)

So we drove out on Sunday night.  Andrew slept for about 2 hours but woke up as we were approaching the neighborhood.  We ended up getting there at the same time as Austin and Mariko, and both Andrew and Harrison didn't want to go to bed yet, since they had slept in the car.

The next day we went to a picnic cookout, complete with moon bounce, cotton candy, popcorn, a super long line for food, and a rockin' 70s cover band.

Next we kayaked.  And took turns watching the little boys.  Aaron and I didn't stay out on the water for very long- only because I am really out of shape and I was afraid to go out too far since I knew I would have to make it back!

Played some Jeopardy on the Wii.  Austin cooked up some delicious dinner.

All in all a good day.

(We somehow managed to get the organizing and cleaning done later that week, thank goodness.  We really needed it.)

June 4, 2013

Naps on the Go

This is how to get a baby to sleep while at a noisy mall:

Andrew loves looking around at everything so when we're in public it's hard to get him to take a nap, even when he's really tired.  So I usually end up nursing him under a cover but then I'm stuck holding him until he wakes up.  This worked better.

He didn't sleep for long, but he got enough rest that he was happy for the rest of the outing.  Works for me :)