June 7, 2013

Water Baby

Andrew loves the water.  He has loved the water since his first bath.  I don't mean the sponge baths that just make babies confused and cold- I mean the first time he could have his bath in the big bathtub (in his bath seat) once his umbilical cord had fallen off and healed.

So I was really excited to take him to the pool for the first time.  We bought a float thing for him to sit in, a couple of swim diapers, a swim shirt and shorts, and a hat.  And we headed over to the pool.

Well, the water was much colder than his bath water.  No surprise here (except to Andrew).

He cried when we put him into his float.  He kept kicking around, trying to find something solid to put his feet on.  Poor kid didn't know how to handle being suspended in water.

So we just held him while we were in the water, or let him stand up on the steps, and he seemed to really enjoy the pool.  And he looked so dang cute too :)

The second time to the pool went even better.  We didn't bother with the float- we'll try again in a month or so.  The water was warmer, it was somewhat familiar, and he was less tired.

Now I'm really looking forward to spending the summer poolside with my water baby!

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