August 31, 2012

From Entertainment Unit to Changing Table

We finally finished our changing table project last week!

When we moved into our apartment over a year ago, my parents gave us their old entertainment center.  They had upgraded to a flat screen TV, so the unit no longer worked for them.  We still had a tube TV, so it worked.  But when we upgraded our TV too, the unit became a storage center in our second bedroom.

When we found out we were expecting, we knew we would have to rearrange the second bedroom to accommodate all the new baby furniture, so we planned on getting rid of the unit.

But then I saw this changing table online, and came up with an idea!

We could re-purpose the unit into a change table!  It would be perfect because it would be a change table AND storage.  So I talked to my dad, who said he could help (which was good, because I needed the help).  We want the baby's furniture to be white, so this project was going to involve cutting, rebuilding, and painting.  So he came up for a day, and we cut the top, lowered it on the one side, and primed it.

Aaron and I painted it.

My dad cut and primed some plywood for a new backing to replace the old cardboard backing, and I painted it.  Aaron and I attached it just last week and the change table is officially complete!

Now I just need to order the changing pad and it'll be ready to go!

I think it turned out really well!

*Update: Click here to see how it looks in the finished nursery!

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Wilde Family said...

I really like it. When we had Bethany, Dennis built a change table out of a dresser and I painted it and made it Classic Winnie the Pooh style. It's great when you can make what you want out of what you have, isn't it? Looking forward to seeing the rest of the room when it's done.