July 22, 2010


Sometimes life sneaks up on you.  So quickly, in fact, that it doesn't seem real-- more like you're practicing for the future.


I graduated in April.  But I'm having a hard time believing it because I don't feel like this summer is any different from any other summer I've taken off from school so I could work.  Yes, I have a diploma hanging on my wall, but how is a single sheet of paper in a frame supposed to represent four years of work?  It just seems unreal that that framed piece of 8 1/2 x 11 paper means that I'm completely done with college.  And I feel like I should be planning out my schedule, just like I've done since 2006.

My hours are running out at work.  For some reason, it doesn't feel like I'll be leaving this job anytime soon.  I think it's because the job itself doesn't end.  When I worked at the Freedom Center, it really felt like the 10 weeks of camp were coming to a close because there was a date when we would all leave, and the camps wouldn't run anymore for the year.  We had fewer and fewer counselors and campers as the weeks rolled by, reminding us that it wouldn't last forever.  But I'm still doing work that will prepare my organization for changes that are years in the future, so it's strange to think that I won't even be here to see those changes happen.  Things are going to keep going after I leave, but I don't feel like I should be leaving at all!

The summer "break" is ending soon.  A month from now, Aaron will be getting ready for his next batch of classes to start.  His little brother will be starting college.  My coworkers will be starting classes again.  And this 90+ degree weather will stick around for a little while, but not for too long.  And we only went camping once!  And I only use the pool once a week!  I've read so little of my summer reading list!  And I haven't played tennis!  I only made a few scrapbook pages!  So many things I wanted to do, and it just hasn't happened.  What happened to May, and June, and JULY?

Maybe I'm just overthinking things, but I feel like so many things in my life are changing, and I don't know if I'm ready to make those changes.  It's crazy to think of where I was 5 years ago, even 2 years ago!  High school, getting ready for marching band camp and the football season to start, working at a coffee shop, hanging out with Tony and Matt and Ashley and tons of other people I don't ever see anymore.  Miller Apartments, living with Michelle, just starting work as a Computer Lab Assistant, single.

Crazy.  Reality hits you.

July 19, 2010


Aaron and I really enjoy camping.  There's just something fun about cooking over a fire and eating roasted (or burned) marshmallows, and enjoying life minus cell phones and work clothes.

Unfortunately, it was a little difficult to enjoy the sounds of nature this time because there was a group of boy scouts camping near us who seemed to be obsessed with "Eye of the Tiger."  And they thought the whole campground should hear it too.  I think we heard that one song for a good, solid hour before someone (an adult leader, we assume) turned off the sound system.

So we bought our tent last year at the end of the summer, when camping supplies were on sale, so this was the first time we got a chance to use it.  It was exciting because it felt even bigger than we expected.

We went with Mike and Michelle, so it was great.  They were in charge of dinner and made a great steak stew.  Delicious.

We were in charge of breakfast and made pancakes and sausage.  So good.

And of course we played games.  That's kind of essential in a camping trip.

All in all, it was a really fun trip.

July 5, 2010


Well, I'm grateful for this long weekend.  Aaron and I decided to go to Toy Story 3 in 3D on Saturday night instead of watching fireworks.  I was glad we did when I saw how bad the traffic was later that night when we were taking a walk.  The movie was really good- a perfect ending to the series.

And yesterday and today have just been so relaxing.  Much needed.

But I have to say that I hate job searching.  I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I wish I could just stay at my current job until Aaron graduates and we leave Provo.  *sigh*

End of Summer Term: 38 days
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: 136 days
Voyage of the Dawn Treader: 157 days
Christmas: 172 days

July 2, 2010

Summer, Summer

So I've been working on that summer reading list...  I finished the Twilight Saga last night.  What a ridiculous ending.  (I'm sure I could write a lot about this series... so I'll try to restrain myself so I don't bore everyone.)  First of all, there was so much buildup for a fight at the end, and they ended up just talking it out.  Lame.  Also, Jacob isn't even a werewolf?  And the reason Stephenie Meyer didn't mention it until the last 4 pages is because "it never came up?"  Wow.  Also, the whole series was from Bella's perspective.  Except for the hundred or so pages in Breaking Dawn that Jacob narrates.  A few problems with that: her writing style didn't change, so I still felt like Bella was talking; there was absolutely no set-up for the switch-- if she had wanted to do sections from different perspectives, she should have done it throughout the series; and lastly, the majority of the things Jacob covers in his section are completely irrelevant to the story lines the readers actually care about (like Leah... everything about Leah...).

Anyway, I'm back to rereading Wicked.  I really want to see the musical again :(

And I have plenty of time to read these days, since Aaron works on homework in the evenings on campus during the week, leaving me at home alone to occupy myself until I go pick him up.  It's not bad, but I need to go to the fabric store or something to get another project going.

Aaron's spending lots of hours at school and work these days, which is good, because I really don't want to be stuck in a college town for too much longer now that I'm not a student anymore.  Well, actually, I don't have a problem with college towns, since I've lived in college towns most of my life, but the Provo bubble is getting old.

Aaron and I were doing so well at working out a few times a week together until Summer Term started.  We bought a workout video by Jillian Michaels and it's pretty good and tough, but I just can't bring myself to do it by myself in the evenings now that I'm used to doing it with Aaron.  Lame.  So I'm still as out of shape as ever, despite spending Saturday mornings running around, playing Ultimate.

So I've started my job search, since my hours as an OC are running out in just barely over a month. *Sigh*  I hate this.  One of the jobs I thought I was perfect for already emailed me a no without even an interview.  I hope I won't get too many of those.  I just hate job searching.  I wish I could just stay with OACL until we leave Provo.  Too bad I can't.