July 19, 2010


Aaron and I really enjoy camping.  There's just something fun about cooking over a fire and eating roasted (or burned) marshmallows, and enjoying life minus cell phones and work clothes.

Unfortunately, it was a little difficult to enjoy the sounds of nature this time because there was a group of boy scouts camping near us who seemed to be obsessed with "Eye of the Tiger."  And they thought the whole campground should hear it too.  I think we heard that one song for a good, solid hour before someone (an adult leader, we assume) turned off the sound system.

So we bought our tent last year at the end of the summer, when camping supplies were on sale, so this was the first time we got a chance to use it.  It was exciting because it felt even bigger than we expected.

We went with Mike and Michelle, so it was great.  They were in charge of dinner and made a great steak stew.  Delicious.

We were in charge of breakfast and made pancakes and sausage.  So good.

And of course we played games.  That's kind of essential in a camping trip.

All in all, it was a really fun trip.


Mariko said...

Where is this campsite?

Erika Kimbler said...

It's Whiting Campground, near Springville.

Mariko said...

Ah, I see. The boy scout singing sounds miserable!!