July 2, 2010

Summer, Summer

So I've been working on that summer reading list...  I finished the Twilight Saga last night.  What a ridiculous ending.  (I'm sure I could write a lot about this series... so I'll try to restrain myself so I don't bore everyone.)  First of all, there was so much buildup for a fight at the end, and they ended up just talking it out.  Lame.  Also, Jacob isn't even a werewolf?  And the reason Stephenie Meyer didn't mention it until the last 4 pages is because "it never came up?"  Wow.  Also, the whole series was from Bella's perspective.  Except for the hundred or so pages in Breaking Dawn that Jacob narrates.  A few problems with that: her writing style didn't change, so I still felt like Bella was talking; there was absolutely no set-up for the switch-- if she had wanted to do sections from different perspectives, she should have done it throughout the series; and lastly, the majority of the things Jacob covers in his section are completely irrelevant to the story lines the readers actually care about (like Leah... everything about Leah...).

Anyway, I'm back to rereading Wicked.  I really want to see the musical again :(

And I have plenty of time to read these days, since Aaron works on homework in the evenings on campus during the week, leaving me at home alone to occupy myself until I go pick him up.  It's not bad, but I need to go to the fabric store or something to get another project going.

Aaron's spending lots of hours at school and work these days, which is good, because I really don't want to be stuck in a college town for too much longer now that I'm not a student anymore.  Well, actually, I don't have a problem with college towns, since I've lived in college towns most of my life, but the Provo bubble is getting old.

Aaron and I were doing so well at working out a few times a week together until Summer Term started.  We bought a workout video by Jillian Michaels and it's pretty good and tough, but I just can't bring myself to do it by myself in the evenings now that I'm used to doing it with Aaron.  Lame.  So I'm still as out of shape as ever, despite spending Saturday mornings running around, playing Ultimate.

So I've started my job search, since my hours as an OC are running out in just barely over a month. *Sigh*  I hate this.  One of the jobs I thought I was perfect for already emailed me a no without even an interview.  I hope I won't get too many of those.  I just hate job searching.  I wish I could just stay with OACL until we leave Provo.  Too bad I can't.


Chris and Nat said...

I wish I could workout to 'sweating to the oldies 2' with Richard Simmons!

Erika Kimbler said...

HAHAHA! Does Mom still have that video?

Chris and Nat said...

I wishhhh