August 22, 2012

Baby Bump- Part 1

I've received requests for baby bump pictures, so here we go!

12 Weeks, 3 Days

16 Weeks, 2 Days

19 Weeks, 2 Days

20 Weeks!

22 Weeks, 1 Day

24 Weeks, 1 Day

Excuse the lack of makeup in most of these pictures- pregnancy and staying home has made me a little lazy in that department :)


I finally feel like I'm looking pregnant instead of just chubby.  Finally!

I was still having morning sickness about once a week until about a month ago.  So glad I'm passed that stage now- it was completely miserable!  Now I just feel like I'm constantly hungry...

I've been feeling baby kicks for a while now, but recently they've gotten a lot stronger and more frequent.  Gummy Bear also gets hiccups now- I started feeling those just over a week ago.  Aaron loves to feel and see (yes, see!) our little baby moving around.  It's so strange but I love those little reassurances that he's okay in there!

Wedding rings are off.  I've resorted to wearing a cheap-o ring from Claire's that normally a size or two too big.  Sad.

Only (about) 16 more weeks until we get to meet our little guy!


Johanna Holland said...

You look so cute!! I'm glad you are feeling better too. See you soon!

Abby said...

You look great! I can't believe you are more than half way there! That happened so fast. I love that you call the baby "gummy bear" - so sweet!

Leah Swain said...

So nice to see some pregnancy pictures, you look fantastic!! Hope things are going well