September 25, 2010

New Job! (and some other things)

I got a job last week! I had the interview on Monday, and I started on Tuesday.  It's actually a pretty cool job- I'm working at the Covey Center for the Arts on Center St. in Provo as a house manager.  I just work when there are shows in the evenings, which means that I worked 5 evenings my first week, and then I had this past week completely off because there were no shows.  It's nice because I still have my days free to work on projects, work out, and run errands, even on days when I have to work.

Other than that, life is still good!  I just bought fabric for a new winter table runner so I'll be starting that soon, and I made a baby present for my good friend Johanna, who just found out this week that she's having a girl!  She knows about it, but I haven't given it to her so I won't post a picture yet.

As for my exercise plan... it's going pretty well.  I went to the gym with Aaron twice last week and I'm still a little sore from Wednesday's workout.  As long as I keep it up, I'm thinking I'll get the results I want.

Right now I feel like this guy:
When I want to look like this girl:
We'll see what happens!

September 12, 2010

Family, Jullian Michaels, and counting down

It was so fun to have Doug and Cassie (and Archer) here for a few days last weekend!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures the whole time they were here- LAME.  At least I'll see them again at Christmas time in Virginia.

And my little sister is getting married in June!  Crazy!  I'm so excited for her.  (And I'm happy for an excuse to visit the family again...)  Nat's super design-y so I'm sure her wedding will be amazing.

So among job searching and sleeping in, I've decided that I need to work on losing weight again.  I've gained a good amount of weight since Aaron and I got married and enough is enough.  So I've started using my Jillian Michaels DVD again and I'm working my way up to doing the whole DVD workout at once.  There are 7 circuts (plus a warm up and cool down at either end) and it really is a kick-butt workout.  I get sore whenever I do at least 3 circuts- that's a good thing right?  And Aaron's allowed to bring me with him to his weight lifting class so I'm going to start going with him to that twice a week as well, and do Jillian Michaels on the days I don't go to the gym.  We've already started eating better, but that doesn't seem to be doing anything on its own.  Ugh.  I would just LOVE to start looking and feeling good in my clothes again.

I put up a countdown to Aaron's graduation.  But now I'm regretting it a little because it seems too far away!  Can't I just get a time machine?  A delorian? Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait it out the old fashioned way.

My countdowns:
House Season Premiere: 8 days
Glee Season Premiere: 9 days
The Office Season Premiere: 11 days
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- part 1: 68 days
Voyage of the Dawn Treader: 89 days
Christmas: 103 days

That's all for now!

September 1, 2010

Back to School

This past weekend, Aaron's parents were in town to bring Brent (Aaron's brother) out to BYU for his first year of school.  We had a lot of fun hanging out with them.  We spent a day in SLC, going to the temple and doing a little bit of family history research.  Then we spent a day shopping for Brent, going to the Nickelcade (which is now called Nickel City and has moved locations, by the way), playing games, and going to Los Hermanos for dinner.  I LOVE Los Hermanos!  It was really great to hang out with them and help Brent get ready for his first year of living away from home.

Doug and Cassie will be here tomorrow!  I'm really looking forward to seeing them- it's been way too long!

But school started on Monday and so now Aaron is gone all day (much like he was all summer) and is only allowed to work 20 hours/week (which is about what he was working during summer term anyway)... and really not much has changed.  But it's exciting that this will be Aaron's last Fall semester at BYU and he even managed to fit in a weight training class into his schedule.  He likes exercising and being athletic, but he's been so busy that exercising hasn't been a priority.  So this is a great way for him to fit it into his schedule.

Well, so long!