September 25, 2010

New Job! (and some other things)

I got a job last week! I had the interview on Monday, and I started on Tuesday.  It's actually a pretty cool job- I'm working at the Covey Center for the Arts on Center St. in Provo as a house manager.  I just work when there are shows in the evenings, which means that I worked 5 evenings my first week, and then I had this past week completely off because there were no shows.  It's nice because I still have my days free to work on projects, work out, and run errands, even on days when I have to work.

Other than that, life is still good!  I just bought fabric for a new winter table runner so I'll be starting that soon, and I made a baby present for my good friend Johanna, who just found out this week that she's having a girl!  She knows about it, but I haven't given it to her so I won't post a picture yet.

As for my exercise plan... it's going pretty well.  I went to the gym with Aaron twice last week and I'm still a little sore from Wednesday's workout.  As long as I keep it up, I'm thinking I'll get the results I want.

Right now I feel like this guy:
When I want to look like this girl:
We'll see what happens!

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