June 20, 2014

Basement Construction Zone

We are hard at work (periodically) finishing our basement!  A few weeks ago we bought a whole bunch of material and my dad helped us get started!  Mostly my dad and Aaron were doing the work, but my mom and I came down when we could and helped too.

We are basically cutting the basement into four rooms, and in that one weekend, we have two rooms framed and drywalled!  I'm excited that this will soon be useable space.

We are making progress!  One more room to go (the fourth is utilities and storage space) and I need to start thinking about finishes- flooring, paint, etc.

June 19, 2014

Family Time and Getting Caught in the Rain

I'm playing catch-up a little bit here, since I've been neglecting this blog lately.  Oops.

In May, Aaron had a work trip to Atlanta.  He left on Mother's Day (gee, thanks) and got back the day after our anniversary (again, thanks for that).  His trip also happened to fall the same week that my grandmother (Nan) was going to be visiting my parents.  So Andrew and I went to Lake Holiday and spent some time with my family while Aaron was gone.
My Mother's Day present to my mom :)

I was worried that Andrew would be super shy around Nan and his cousins he hasn't seen recently, but he was so friendly and had a great time.  He would chat with Nan and show her around the house, and he chased Archer around the house, laughing at all his cousin's funny faces.

One day while we were there, my dad and I decided to take Andrew and Amelia out for a canoe ride.  The clouds were starting to roll in as we walked down to the dock but we decided to go ahead and take them out for a short ride before the rain started.  Right after we got the canoe off its wheels, we looked up at the sky and realized the rain was coming- right away!  We were all wearing our life jackets already, but the drops were starting to fall so I took the kids and we started running up the hill to the clubhouse while my dad put the wheels back on the canoe and got it ready to bring home.  Suddenly we were drenched- the rain came down like a blanket and Amelia started crying.  Andrew doesn't mind being wet so he was just looking around in awe.  I picked up Andrew and grabbed Amelia's hand and we ran! Andrew kept slipping off my hip since we had our life jackets on but we finally made it to the clubhouse where we were rescued by my mom and sister-in-law.  It was quite the adventure!  Archer was especially proud that he got to be part of the rescue team :)

Andrew and I came home on Friday so we could pick up Aaron from the airport in the morning.  On Saturday we picked Aaron up at BWI and headed right back to my parents' place since this was the day the whole family would be there.  We had a really fun day together and even took some cute photos.  It was a real treat to have Nan with us for a week- we really don't get to see her (or any of our other extended family) very often, and I even got to hear some of her stories from her childhood.

A canoe full of grandkids!

Kookoopa and the boys

April 22, 2014

Birthday and Easter Weekend

This past weekend was a double feature of special days!  Aaron's birthday was on Friday and then Easter was on Sunday!  Aaron's parents even came down for the weekend, so that was a bonus too!

On Friday, Aaron took the day off.  I got a haircut and then we just had a fun and relaxing day.  Andrew had lots of fun getting reacquainted with his grandparents (he was pretty shy when they first walked in).  We went to PF Chang's for dinner, and then had angel food cake for dessert after Aaron opened some presents.


Saturday started off with a breakfast and Easter egg hunt at church.  Andrew was too little to do the hunt last year, but this year he loved it!  He had no idea that there were goodies inside though, so there was a heavy mom-tax (and dad-tax and grandparent-tax) on the candy.  After his nap, we all headed over to Annapolis for the afternoon.  We went to a maritime museum, did some walking in and around the State House, and went to dinner at a place that serves all local crabs (and other seafood).  We all got crab cakes and it was delicious!  A trip to Coldstone finished out the evening :)

I was excited that we had company over for Easter Sunday.  I had a lot of fun preparing for it.  We had an Easter basket with goodies for each of us, German pancakes for breakfast, and an Easter egg hunt.  The eggs were all over the main floor and contained pieces of a puzzle that we all put together after finding the eggs.  Church was nice (I sang with the choir for 2 numbers) and then we came back to the house for dinner.  I was quite proud of myself for the Easter dinner: Ham, candied sweet potatoes, asparagus with lemon sauce, rolls (shaped like bunnies, of course), hard boiled eggs, and sparkling cranberry raspberry juice.  It turned out great and it was awesome to have people to share it with.  And Andrew looked especially adorable in the suit my mom made for him :)

All in all a wonderful weekend to celebrate Aaron and Christ.