April 14, 2014

Things on the Walls!

So for a long time, we had blank walls.  You can see this in the house tour.  Not that we didn't have anything to put up- just that I didn't know where to put everything in the new house!  Plus, I didn't want to put anything up until we had painted, and that took forever to do.  (You know, like how we bought the paint for our bedroom back in... September... and just painted it last week...)


We've made a lot of progress lately!  I had been looking for curtains for a while.  Let me tell you, I had no idea what I was even looking for.  I needed something that went with the blueish walls, but I didn't want just a neutral because pretty much all of our furniture on the main floor is neutral and I didn't want it to be boring.  I found lots of colorful curtains that I liked, but they all seemed like too much when the walls were already colored.  Guys.  I had no idea what I was doing!  Finally I found these curtains and immediately loved them.  The yellow accent goes perfectly with the blue walls, and the print really softens the whole area.  I still may not know what I'm doing but at least I found something I love!

And then I finally put together the new photo gallery wall in the dining room.  I painted the K knowing that we were getting those curtains with the yellow flowers, so it all coordinates really well.  Now we need to get new family pictures taken so we can get Andrew in the gallery!

So we're making progress, finally!

March 26, 2014

Spoon Feeding

So back in February (I know that was a while ago, but it's too fun not to share...) we let Andrew try feeding himself with a spoon!  This was a big step for me because I was seriously afraid that we would end up cleaning food off the walls, floors, and ceiling.  And that thought made me want to just keep feeding him ourselves... forever. 

But he ended up doing so well!  I made some chocolate pudding for this first attempt.  I wanted something thick enough to stay on the spoon easily, and I definitely wanted something he would like so that he wouldn't give up or spit it out.

Success.  We used a second spoon to catch the pudding that was dripping down his chin but for the most part he was a champ.  Andrew was definitely ready for this.

And he's done it a lot more since then- eating Greek yogurt, applesauce, and more pudding!

March 14, 2014

Spring Crafting

I love spring.  I really do.  My problem with spring is that it always comes late!  (Or maybe I'm just ready for it too early...)

I'm always ready for winter to be over after one or two good snowfalls; just enough for me to make a snowman and take Andrew out to play.

I had been looking recently, on Pinterest mostly, for ideas for my front door.  Since we haven't done any landscaping or gardening yet, our house looks a little boring without some decoration on the door.  So it was really nice to have our Christmas wreath out there, long past the time when the other Christmas decor was put away.  I finally found some inspiration.  I went to the craft store and then my mom and I created this wreath during the last big snow storm (while Aaron was out of town).

I think it turned out really cute and really livens up my house!  Unfortunately it looked a little weird out there until the snow finally melted, but now that it's nicer weather, it certainly makes the house look like we're ready for spring!