July 27, 2015

Brandon- 5 Months!

So Brandon is now five months old!  I feel like he's grown and developed a lot this month.

We've made the switch over to formula.  Fortunately he's never had problems taking a bottle, but it took a little bit for him to get used to the different flavor of the formula.  But now he drinks it like a champ, and as a bonus, he's not too picky about which brand of formula.  We got a bunch of formula samples around the time Brandon was born, so he's tried several kinds and he doesn't seem to even notice anymore.

He's starting to use the pacifier less during his awake hours.  I had been wondering why he did so little babbling and I'm realizing that it was just because he always had the pacifier in his mouth (well, and there's Andrew's chattering to compete with).  Now that he doesn't use it as much, he's talking much more and experimenting with all the different vocal sounds he can make.

Brandon is loving the jumper.  He has always loved to stand, so it was no surprise to me that he loved the bouncer from the first time I put him in it.  He'll stand up and jump in that thing for quite a while (as long as he's in a good mood) which is great because it frees up my arms to get some things done!

He's finally getting the hang of grabbing now too.  He can grab at the toys that dangle over his playmat, or the links that hang from the jumper, or the shapes on his bouncer.  Sometimes I'll even see that he grabbed the pacifier right out of his mouth.  He's obviously not super coordinated yet, but it's fun to see what catches his eye as he tries to reach for it.  (He had his eye on a cookie I was eating today.  Arms extended and mouth wide open- he wasn't too happy when I wouldn't give it to him!)

We've just barely started to introduce "solid" foods this past week or so.  Brandon has only had applesauce so far and he seems to like it.  I just made a batch of carrot puree so he'll be trying that next.  I want to introduce a whole bunch of stuff to him, I just have to get myself all pepped up for the mess I'm about to have in my kitchen...

New things this month:
Night Weaning
Solid Foods
Grabbing toys

June 26, 2015

4 Months Old!

Brandon is four months old!

He is constantly getting stronger and improving on his skills.  At his doctor's appointment this week he had rolled over onto his belly and propped himself up on his hands for a bit- the doctor said that was a six month skill!  Yay!  He has mastered his rolling, and it's not uncommon for me to find him after his nap on the other end of the crib, facing the other direction.  He can move a little bit with an inchworm crawl, similar to what Andrew did at that age.

He doesn't talk much, but I think that's because he loves having things in his mouth.  If he doesn't have his pacifier in, he's sticking his fingers in there.  He sometimes will put a teething toy in for a minute, but he seems to really prefer pacifier or fingers.

A couple new experiences this month- Brandon went to a pool/water park for the first time (Six Flags America) and he went camping for the first time!

 New things this month:
Pool/Water park
Teething toys and rattles

June 15, 2015

Two and a Half Years Old!

Andrew's half birthday is today!  We don't celebrate them around here, but it's been a while since I've written an update about Andrew.

It has been a big 6 months for my guy.  Soon after he turned two, he vacated his crib in favor of a twin bed.  While we wanted this to happen so we'd have the crib available for Brandon, Andrew made the change because he suddenly decided that he hated being put in the crib at night.  Bedtime was getting really difficult (though he still napped in the crib for a little while) so we decided it was just time.  We had a rough month or two after the switch where Aaron would fall asleep in Andrew's bed with him because Andrew would get upset if he left before he was asleep.  Then if he woke up alone in the middle of the night Aaron would have to go back in.  But now he's back to sleeping like a champ at night- he stays in bed even if it takes him a little while to fall asleep.  He sometimes decides to play around his room when he should be napping, but that's the exception rather than the norm.

He became a big brother!  This was obviously a big change for Andrew.  At first he had a rough time learning that I wouldn't just stop nursing and put the baby down if Andrew wanted to sit on my lap or be held.  But it didn't take too long for him to get used to sharing his parents with his baby brother.  Now he's a very loving and somewhat protective big brother.  He often asks me where Brandon is, if he's not within sight.  He sometimes joins in tummy time, and tries to share his toys.  He especially loves helping put Brandon's pacifier back in if it falls out.  At one of my rehearsals recently I had the boys with me, and another kid came up to Brandon, who was lying on his blanket on the floor.  Andrew immediately came over and blocked the kid so he wouldn't get too close or get on Brandon's blanket.  He sure loves his brother- they're going to be great playmates someday soon.

Andrew went on his first camping trip and had a blast.  He really loves his grandparents and cousins.

His language has improved so much in the last 6 months.  It's rare that he says something I can't understand, and he speaks in full sentences all the time.  He learns new words and phrases every day.  He has also started enjoying singing.  Aaron reads nursery rhymes with him at night now, and his favorite is Old McDonald.  He put on a little concert for me the other day.  He brought in his little stool and set it down in the middle of the kitchen and announced, "Andrew's gonna sing Old McDonald."  It was pretty adorable.

We're working on getting him to stop sucking on his fingers.  Most of the time, he only sucks on them when he's in bed now, which is awesome.  We sometimes have to remind him (especially if he's bored- like in the car) but he usually only needs a little reminder and he's good.  We haven't tried tackling it for sleep yet- one step at a time!

We're looking forward to a fun summer with our big little man.  He's growing up so fast!