March 2, 2018


We decided to spend half-term break up in York. Unfortunately we had some cold and wet weather while we were there but we were able to find some fun indoor stuff to do to stay dry.

We spent some time at the National Railway Museum...

and the Yorkshire Museum.

We walked on the city walls.

We went to the Jorvik Viking Centre...

climbed many steps up to Clifford's Tower...

and explored the York Castle Museum.

We spent some time in York Minster...

and shopping on The Shambles.

Then we stopped by Hogsmeade Station (Goathland Station)...

on our way to some abbeys and castles, including Whitby Abbey (a location from Bram Stoker's Dracula).

And we spent a good portion of a day exploring the ruins of Fountains Abbey.

Though we were all ready to be back in our own warm beds by the end, we had a really great week!

*Check out our travel blog, Kimblers Abroad, for a more detailed post about this and all of our other trips!

February 27, 2018

Brandon is Three!

Brandon had a birthday last week! We kept it fairly low key, no party or anything, but I made him a cake and he got some presents that he loves.

It's been a big year of a few big changes for Brandon- obviously we had a big move, he's lost Andrew as a regular daytime playmate, and he's become a great little traveler!

He's just barely started potty training recently too, so that's exciting!

In the next year Brandon is looking forward to becoming a big brother, doing more traveling, and starting preschool.  It should be a fun year!

January 29, 2018

Kimbler Baby #3

I know that I'm way behind in posting, but I'm pregnant with our third baby boy!  I'm afraid this little guy might resent me one day for not documenting his pregnancy with the same diligence that I did his brothers', but it is what it is!

The important details:
  • It's a boy!
  • Due date: May 1, 2018
  • Current progress: 27 weeks

This pregnancy started out much harder than my others- morning sickness was a beast and lasted much longer than I expected.  I have been very tired (not helped by the fact that I actually have to get up and dressed for the school run every weekday morning, rather than sleeping in as long as the kids let me).  And the timing was such that I was dealing with all the fun of the first trimester while we were in the process of trying to unpack our whole house and start the school year for Andrew.  Aaron was a champ during those hard months, and I'm so grateful to have him.

I started feeling the baby move pretty early this time, before 16 weeks!  And he hasn't stopped since- I'm pretty sure I've felt the movements daily since then.

I'm at a relatively comfortable phase of pregnancy now, which is good, but I'm getting pretty close to the third trimester now so I'm not counting on it lasting much longer!  Hopefully a few more weeks at least!

Andrew and Brandon are super excited and already talk about the new baby as a member of our family.  I'm sure they don't fully understand the changes that will happen in our lives and our home when the baby arrives, but they are looking forward to it and they already love their baby brother.  They have decided that his name will be George (but really we're not even close to choosing a name).

I've been working on some baby projects, but we still have lots of gaps to fill in the wardrobe (after my great pre-move purge) and some bigger gear to buy before we'll be ready for baby to arrive.  But we're looking forward to it- about 3 months to go!