October 5, 2010

Caught in the Rain

Ok so I just have to write about yesterday.  Because it was crazy.

The box office was asked to represent the Covey Center at the Provo City Service Fair in the parking lot of Provo Towne Center.  We were running a karaoke booth.  The fair was supposed to start at 4, so we were asked to meet at 3 so we could set up our booth.  Two of us went straight to the site while a few others went to the Covey Center to get everything we needed and bring it over.

Kari and I were waiting outside when we started to feel a few raindrops.  So we hopped into my car to wait.

But the rain didn't stop.

In fact, the winds only got stronger, and the rain only came down harder.  Police barriers tipped over and started blowing through the parking lot.  Balloons escaped.  Booth tents came off the ground and tried to fly away in the wind.  One was successful-- we saw it fly across the street and over a hill.

People who had already set up their booths were struggling to keep everything on the ground so Kari and I got out to help.

After several minutes of holding things in place, we started dissembling tents, taking apart the police barriers, and picking up the paper popcorn bags that had flown away and stuck to cars, trees, and the ground.  We had to yell just to talk to each other and our coats and hoodies weren't doing anything to keep out the water and wind.  Finally we decided things were under control and we left.

I really don't think I've ever been that wet in my life, except when submerged in my swimming pool.  I got home and took off all my wet things and left them dripping over the bathtub.

So much for the Service Fair.

Of course the rain stopped about an hour after I got home and dried off.

Go figure.

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