September 12, 2010

Family, Jullian Michaels, and counting down

It was so fun to have Doug and Cassie (and Archer) here for a few days last weekend!  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures the whole time they were here- LAME.  At least I'll see them again at Christmas time in Virginia.

And my little sister is getting married in June!  Crazy!  I'm so excited for her.  (And I'm happy for an excuse to visit the family again...)  Nat's super design-y so I'm sure her wedding will be amazing.

So among job searching and sleeping in, I've decided that I need to work on losing weight again.  I've gained a good amount of weight since Aaron and I got married and enough is enough.  So I've started using my Jillian Michaels DVD again and I'm working my way up to doing the whole DVD workout at once.  There are 7 circuts (plus a warm up and cool down at either end) and it really is a kick-butt workout.  I get sore whenever I do at least 3 circuts- that's a good thing right?  And Aaron's allowed to bring me with him to his weight lifting class so I'm going to start going with him to that twice a week as well, and do Jillian Michaels on the days I don't go to the gym.  We've already started eating better, but that doesn't seem to be doing anything on its own.  Ugh.  I would just LOVE to start looking and feeling good in my clothes again.

I put up a countdown to Aaron's graduation.  But now I'm regretting it a little because it seems too far away!  Can't I just get a time machine?  A delorian? Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait it out the old fashioned way.

My countdowns:
House Season Premiere: 8 days
Glee Season Premiere: 9 days
The Office Season Premiere: 11 days
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- part 1: 68 days
Voyage of the Dawn Treader: 89 days
Christmas: 103 days

That's all for now!


Becky said...

Oh my gosh! I just discovered the Jillian Michaels dvd's and I LOVE IT. I've tried a lot of things to get in shape and this seems like the first one that works for me. And I get way sore too! Which one do you have?

Erika Kimbler said...

I have the "Banish Fat Boost Metabolism" one. Kicks my butt every time.

Becky said...

Cool! I have that one too and also, No more trouble zones. I think you would really like that one too! I checked them both out from the library but I'm going to buy them because I like them so much!

The Grish's said...

way to go! I have this dvd series called Turbo Jam...but I got sick of them a while ago. I'm getting back to those haha. I can't believe Natalie is getting married she was just like 5 years old!!!

Abby said...

I had no idea that Natalie was engaged--how exciting! Also, I am doing the Insanity DVD workouts right now; totally kicking my trash but it's so fun! I highly recommend it. Oh, and I love how you have countdowns for everything. Awesome! I hope you guys are doing well:)