April 5, 2010

Summer Reading?

Ok so Aaron and I were talking the other night about the summer.  He's decided that he's probably going to take some classes over the Spring/Summer terms, which has made me decide that I need some awesome things to occupy my evenings when he has to be working on homework.  I've been gradually acquiring scrapbooking supplies, and I have tons of sewing projects in mind that I'd love to work on.  But I also want to do a lot of reading.  I read a lot for school, but with the exception of Lord of the Rings this semester, my school reading has never been really FUN reading.  So I'm going to start a book list of things I want to read this summer.  I'm open to any and all suggestions, so please let me know if you've found something great!
  • Harry Potter (I've read them all but I want to reread a bunch before the movie comes out)
  • Twilight (I've heard good and bad about it- I just need to know what I'm missing)
  • Les Miserables (Love the musical, never had the time to get very far into the book)
  • Wicked (All three in the series-- read them before, but I want to reread)
  • A Walk to Remember (Great movie)
  • The Notebook (Great movie)
  • The Chronicles of Narnia
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Wheel of Time series (Recommended by Adam)
  • Fablehaven series (Recommended by Adam)
  •  As A Driven Leaf
  • The Hunger Games
  • Deception Point
  • Book of a Thousand Days (Recommended by Johanna)
That's my list so far!  Leave me a comment if you have any other suggestions!


Abby said...

You listed many GREAT books! "The Hunger Games" is fantastic and so is the second one, "Catching Fire." I believe the third book will be out the end of this summer! You NEED to read those! So good!

Also, read "The Help"...it's amazing. You will love it.

And, if you have time, here are a couple more books that are good reads:
-The Alchemist
-The Last Lecture
-Have a Little Faith

Check out goodreads.com for book lists and reviews! It's a very good website and you can keep up with what friends are reading too.

Good luck! I love summer reading, well reading in general! Yay!

The Browning Bunch said...

Yay for Percy Jackson!!! (Don't watch the movie to compare - they are way different)
If you haven't read them before, I recommend books by Shannon Hale (specifically Princess Academy and Goose Girl).

Kmetzsch said...

Oooo! I thought of another you might like!

The Host

Its by Stephanie Myer and is SOO much better than her Twilight Saga!

Melissa Manville said...

A Walk to Remember and The Notebook are good (The notebook has alot of initmate parts :S) but My favourite books by Nicolas Sparks are Dear John, and The Last Song, they are easy reads but really good. The Last song is my favorite out them all.