November 28, 2012

Baby's Room

I think our baby's room is finally ready (except for a few little things, like a laundry basket and diaper disposal) so Gummy Bear can come any time now!  Not that he'll even be sleeping in his room at first... he'll be in a bassinet in our room for the first little while.

Before we know his gender, we planned two color schemes for the room.  It would be turquoise and orange if he turned out to be a boy, and turquoise and pink if he had been a girl.  So we were able to start getting turquoise things for the room pretty early on.  And we went with white furniture (more details about the changing table here, in case you missed it), so that the color would really come from the accessories and bedding.  We painted the room a neutral-ish blue ("Quiet Rain") when we moved in and decided not to repaint for this baby.  It's probably not the best wall color for the color schemes we chose but it's not the worst either.  Too much work to repaint, since we're hoping to not be in this rental apartment long term.  And the curtains we have in here don't match the new color scheme... oops.  Maybe we'll get around to changing those.  But maybe not.

View from the door.  His room is also the computer room.
View from the rocking chair.
View from the crib.

The changing table.
The crib.
My mom made this awesome quilt too and I think it ties the room together really well!  Thanks Mom!
The quilt.

*Update:  I redid the glider rocking chair so it would look better and be more comfortable.  Click here to see it.


Wilde Family said...

I love it, Erika. This is so exciting. Orange/brown and blue/green turned out by happenstance to be Carlyle's colours too.

Love Kristin and Dennis

Becky said...

I love the orange decor!

Robin said...

How Cute!!! I love it! I wish I had been as ready before my kids showed up. Even at 11, Jakob's room doesn't look this good.