November 2, 2012

Aaron's Work Trip

Aaron went on his first trip for work a couple of weeks ago!  He went to the Openstack Summit in San Diego and was there from Sunday to Friday.

Mostly he and his coworkers sat in classes during the day, but they also had a party to go to pretty much every night.  He was even able to take his coworkers to see the San Diego Temple!

While he was gone, I worked on several baby projects and rediscovered how difficult it is to cook for one when I'm so used to cooking for two!

And Aaron came home with tons of swag.  17 t-shirts!  Wow!

I think he enjoyed himself, though he was exhausted when he came home.  I'm just hoping he doesn't go on another trip for a while- I got pretty bored and we're getting too close to Gummy Bear's due date for any more traveling!

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