November 6, 2012

Kimbler Visit- Baltimore Aquarium

Aaron's parents came to visit us last weekend!  It was a short visit (cut even shorter by Hurricane Sandy) but it was fun.  We spent a lot of Saturday in Baltimore- going to the aquarium, eating, and doing a little shopping too!  We're lucky to have so much to do in our area!

I handed the camera off to Aaron pretty early on and he went a little photo crazy- he pretty much used up the entire battery while we were at the aquarium.  But we actually ended up with some good shots!

We also saw the dolphin show while we were there.  It was pretty neat to see what these dolphins can do!

We were glad to see Aaron's parents, even though the visit was short!

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! We're glad you all enjoyed your recent visit to the Aquarium and hope to see you again soon!