May 11, 2011

Hoo Hung Woo

My poor father and twin brother have been murdered!

Ok not really, but we had a murder mystery dinner party with some friends last night and that's what happened in the game.

It took place in China.  We ate Chinese food and had a blast accusing each other of murder.  Turns out we all tried, but only Pen Ta-Gon was successful:

Here we all are:

And each couple:
Pen Ta-Gon and Ding Ling (Silver Bell)

Hao Dee-Doo and Wee Ping (Willow Blossom)

Hoo Ting (Jade Owl) and Hoo Li-Gan

General Shang Hai-Shek and Wu Pi (Joyous Flower)

We've done these several times during our time here in Provo and this was our last one since we are moving soon.  It's been great.

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