May 10, 2010

Grade Mishap

I'm so glad I don't throw any school work away until at least a few months after that semester ends.

A couple weeks ago, grades for Winter 2010 came online.  I went online and was shocked to see a D+ among my As and Bs.  What?  Now, this was for my Lit and Film class.  I wasn't expecting an A, but I was thinking a B was in order.  So a D+?  No way.

So I emailed my professor.  I told him that I realized that I forgot to turn in one assignment, but I remembered getting good grades on everything else, and I asked him for a breakdown of my grade to see what went wrong.

Well, when I got his reply, I realized that there was something seriously wrong.  He had a 0 listed for my annotated bibliography, which was worth 15% of my total grade-- he said I didn't turn it in!  Oh, heck no, I stayed up really late the night before to make sure I got that in.  But since I was on campus (and I don't have any need to carry around my school stuff anymore) I didn't have it with me, so he said he'd believe me and give me a 75% on it.

Really?  I knew I did well on it-- why can't you just wait for me to get home and tell you what grade you actually gave me?

Long story short, I got home and checked my paper: 90%.  I wrote to my professor again and told him the correct grade, but apparently didn't trust me THAT much, so I had to bring it to his office and drop it off in his box.  (I, of course, photocopied it first, just in case...)

And then finally, about a week later, my grade got updated officially and I saw a pretty little B among all my other As and Bs.

Not that a D+ would have kept me from graduating, but I wanted the grade I earned!  It was so stressful- I know professors have a lot of papers to grade, but I don't want to suffer from his lack of record keeping.


Oh well, it's all fixed now, and I don't have to worry about it anymore.

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