May 28, 2010


Never have I wanted to be on Glee more than when they were all given free mattresses.
Aaron and I have both been having trouble sleeping, and even when we sleep from 10:45pm-7:45am (which is normal for us) we don't really feel rested in the morning.  I blame our mattress.

So now I really want to buy our own mattress, since we're just using the one provided by the apartment complex.  However, our old debate comes into play here.  We live in a furnished apartment.  We'll be out of here in less than a year.  We don't know where we're going to end up.  So we were hoping to postpone buying furniture until we're done with school so we don't have to move it later.

Which brings up something else.  Our rent is going up starting in September.  Yes, we're only going to be here until April, but I don't like that we're paying more for a one bedroom place than other people who have two bedrooms.  This makes me want to move, to get more space and to save money, but this likely means we'd have to go a little further from campus, which would be fine for me but hard for Aaron.  It would also mean that we would need to buy some serious furniture, more than just the coffee table and bookcases we already have.  Which means that we'll have to move it all when we leave Provo in April.

I mentioned some of this on facebook and I've already received lots of comments.  I just don't know what to do. And we have to let our complex know if we're going to renew our contract by June 5, which means we have only a week to figure out if we want to move and where to move.

And I'm going to need a new job once I finish my 910 yearly hours in August.  I don't really even want to think about that now, although I've looked at a few Provo City jobs that are constantly taking applications, and I'm thinking I'll apply for them once it's a little closer.  Really, I'd just love to stay where I am, but unfortunately I can't.  It seems a little backwards to me that graduating is losing me a great job, but it is what it is, right?  Lame.


Doug said...

All because of a $20/month rent increase? This is crazy. The costs (financial and time) of moving plus the expense of buying furniture and moving it when Aaron finishes school are going to be WAAAY more than a measly $160.

If you want to move for more space, do it. But don't say it's to save money.

Mariko said...

Would you be moving into a two bedroom apartment that is furnished and the same price? Two moves within eight months really isn't that bad, but having to furnish an apartment is! And is there any other reason to have the more space? Austin and I have lived in our tiny apartment quite comfortably for the last two years. The only reason we are moving into a bigger space is to let Austin have somewhere to study for the BAR exam and because we plan on living there for another two years. Just something to think about!! If you move into a two bedroom place that is furnished and same price, the effort is worth it. But buying furniture is a big expense.

But I do say buy the mattress!! But that's because I am slightly OCD...

JamiLeigh said...

I vote you buy a new mattress. That is never a bad buy. Costco has some really awesome ones with plush tops (Squire and I love ours because he likes a firm mattress, but I like a soft one). Also, furnishing an apartment isn't that expensive. We bought all our furniture from the American Fork D.I. It's mostly nice stuff, and we'll have it as long as we need it. Good luck deciding on everything!

N8 said...

Having the right mattress makes a ton of difference! So I would say if you can afford it and you don't have higher priority purchases to make right now, it's not a bad idea - especially if you are convinced this is contributing to not getting a good night's sleep. We had an old mattress for a long time and eventually got one from Costco. Ever since I have slept a ton better.

As far as the apt goes - moving is a pain so if I were you I wouldn't worry about it.