April 24, 2015

Two Months Old

Our baby Brandon is two months old!  It's astounding to me how similar and how different he is from his big brother.  I was looking back at some photos of Andrew when he was this age and seriously, these boys look the same.  There can be no doubt that these two kids came from the same gene pool.  But they definitely have some differences too.

While their nighttime sleep habits are similar, Brandon is a champion napper (and I'm really hoping I don't jinx it by mentioning it!) in his crib!  He usually takes 3 naps during the day, and every once in a while I even manage to get it overlapping with Andrew's nap!  He sleeps in his own room for about half the night now.  I put him down between 7 and 7:30 and he sleeps until 12:30-1:30am.  After that he sleeps in the pack and play in our room because he still wakes up about every 2-3 hours after his long stretch.  (Aaron is a champ and gets up to bring him to me every time until he leaves for work.  What would I do without that man?  He's amazing.)

He has started smiling at us!  It's so fun to see him as he's becoming more aware of the world around him.  I love to see him happy rather than just content.  He also coos occasionally, but for the most part Brandon is a pretty quiet baby.

He weighs about 11 pounds now, but he only started wearing 0-3 month clothes a couple of weeks ago.  And even now, there's plenty of room for him to grow into them.  He's not as chunky as Andrew was, so the clothing fits him differently than it did when Andrew was the same weight.

We've tried a little babywearing this week, since we got a boba wrap passed down to us.  He wasn't too sure the first time we tried it, but after that he figured out that it's an awesome way to take a cozy nap.  The only drawback I've found so far is that if I wear him in the wrap early in the day, he doesn't nap as well in his crib later.  Well, that and I haven't figured out a good way to eat while wearing him- I don't think he would appreciate a chunk of salsa landing on his head while he's snoozing away...

New things for Brandon this month:
0-3 clothes
Sleeping in his own room at night
Met all the Brayley cousins, aunts, and uncles
First trip to the zoo

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