May 26, 2015

3 Months Old!

Another month has passed and our second baby boy is growing up!

Brandon's major accomplishments this month were rolling over!  A day after he turned two months old, he rolled over from his belly to back for the first time.  And while we were visiting my parents last week, he rolled from back to belly as well.  I'm pretty impressed with how early he's working on these skills- I think he's 3-4 weeks ahead of where Andrew was with rolling.

He also had his first (and certainly not his last) experience with the beach this month.  He mostly hung out in the shade in someone's arms, but he sure looked cute in his little swimsuit.

He still loves his pacifier, and when it falls out he sometimes tries to stuff his whole fist in his mouth.  I wonder if he's going to abandon his pacifier in favor of his fingers in a month or so like Andrew did.  I guess we'll find out!

He loves his sleep (yay!) and sleeps from around 7pm to 8am most days, waking up to eat anywhere from two to four times during those 13 hours.  He also takes several naps during the day, but those can be a little frustrating for me because I often have to go in and pop his pacifier back in pretty regularly.  He still needs to be swaddled or he wakes himself up, though I'm anticipating needing to get rid of the swaddle soon as his rolling improves.

New things this month:
Rolling, both ways
Baby Blessing at church

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