February 26, 2013

Two Months!

Little Man is getting so big! It's crazy how I can look back at his newborn photos and already see so much change.

Andrew is getting stronger too. I'm not very consistent with daily tummy time, but he has learned to hold himself up anyway. I was waiting for the change table to be available at Wegmans soon after his two month mark and another woman started talking to me as she washed her hands. She thought he was three months old since he was sitting up against my shoulder with his head held high, looking around at everyone and everything. Seriously, this kid loves to look around and see everything. It's nearly impossible to get him to sleep during church on Sundays (his usual nap time) because there are just too many people to smile at!

He had a growth spurt sometime in his second month. At his one month doctor visit he was 70th percentile for weight and only 30th percentile for height. At two months he jumped to 88th percentile for weight and 80th for height (about a week after his two month birthday, but still). And he wowed the nurse and the doctor with his toothless smile and joyful giggles.

He sleeps for one 6-hour stretch at night, then a few 2-3-hour stretches after that. He still naps in our arms, any attempts to put him in the crib (or bouncer, or carseat, etc.) for naps have failed, except for the occasional miracle.  So we, while still tired during the day, are not new-parent-zombies anymore.  At least most of the time :)

New things for Andrew this month:
Meeting Kimbler grandparents and more Brayley family
First Valentine's Day
Discovered his reflection
Making bubbles

 So it's been a crazy but wonderful two months with our little man!


Angie said...

Andrew has such an adorable smile.

Angie said...

Oh--and happy birthday!