March 5, 2013

Baby Blessing

We had Andrew's Baby Blessing at church at the beginning of February.  We are lucky to have family pretty close, so they could come for the day.

Aaron's parents came down from New York for the weekend- this was the first time they met Andrew.

My parents, Austin, Mariko, Harrison, Natalie, and Chris also came from Virginia.  It was so great to have all of them here!

My mom made Andrew his white blessing outfit.  He looked so cute in it!  My little man, all dressed in white.

Aaron gave a beautiful priesthood blessing to our son, assisted by our bishop, our fathers, Austin, and Chris.  Of course I cried as I felt the spirit and as I felt God's love for Andrew.

Everyone came back to our place for lunch after church and we had a great afternoon eating and hanging out as a family.

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