March 17, 2013

Brayleys Unite! And the Quarter-Century Birthday!

Last week my whole family was together!  I feel like it's been a really long time since that happened so it was nice.  Doug and Cassie came down from Boston, so the rest of us who live fairly close to my parents made several visits throughout the week so we could all hang out.

We spent one day (Saturday) all together at my parents' lake house.  We took a little walking tour to the pier and the clubhouse, and Chris and Dad even got adventurous and tested out a kayak- brave since it was so cold!

We headed back to Odenton that night so we weren't around for the next few days, but we drove down to Manassas on Thursday afternoon until Saturday afternoon.  My nephew, Archer, was very excited to tell me "Happy Birthday!" when we arrived.  In fact, I think he said it to me at least 100 times in that first hour we were there :)  He was also super excited about the chocolate cake he and Grandma had baked, and was not so happy that he couldn't have some before dinner.  Funny kid.

We don't get to see Doug and Cassie that often because they live so much farther away than everyone else, so it was really nice to hang out with them and their adorable kids.

Harrison loves Andrew- when he sees or hears Andrew, he'll say (in his cute toddler voice) "Baby Andrew?" and look around to find him.  And when Andrew would cry or fuss he would suggest, "Hungry?" or ask, "Better?"  I love it.

Then we got to celebrate my birthday again on Friday when Austin and Mariko came back to Manassas.  More cake!  Doesn't help with losing the baby weight, but it sure was good!

I'm now a quarter of a century old!  Weird.  But not really that weird- things aren't really any different.  In fact, it's hard to remember how old I am- the years just blur together now that I'm married and out of school.

It was great to have everyone together and I hope we can do it again soon!  Maybe sometime after Baby Long is born?

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