June 10, 2015

The Ten Virgins: A Musical Parable

I had the opportunity to participate in a musical production this past month.  One of my friends was the musical director, and she asked me to audition.  I was hesitant because I was nine months pregnant at the time and the performances would be when my baby was only 2-3 months old.  But I sent in my audition tape and I'm so glad I did!

It was a musical representation of the parable of the ten virgins, from the Bible.  I played Adi, one of the foolish virgins.  One thing I liked about this production was that the foolish virgins were very relatable.  Some didn't have oil because they were too busy (doing good things) to get more.  Some didn't have oil because they didn't think the arrival of the bridegroom would be so late at night.  My character was very focused on being as [good, pretty, smart, etc.] as everyone else, and therefore spent her money on a new dress for the wedding rather than a supply of oil.

It was a great experience.  I got to delve a little deeper into the scriptures, as well as take the time away from my kids to work on my own talents/interests.

The whole show is on youtube (posted below, my duet starts around 27:50, final group number at 1:03:35), and my solo/duet is also posted individually on facebook.

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