June 26, 2015

4 Months Old!

Brandon is four months old!

He is constantly getting stronger and improving on his skills.  At his doctor's appointment this week he had rolled over onto his belly and propped himself up on his hands for a bit- the doctor said that was a six month skill!  Yay!  He has mastered his rolling, and it's not uncommon for me to find him after his nap on the other end of the crib, facing the other direction.  He can move a little bit with an inchworm crawl, similar to what Andrew did at that age.

He doesn't talk much, but I think that's because he loves having things in his mouth.  If he doesn't have his pacifier in, he's sticking his fingers in there.  He sometimes will put a teething toy in for a minute, but he seems to really prefer pacifier or fingers.

A couple new experiences this month- Brandon went to a pool/water park for the first time (Six Flags America) and he went camping for the first time!

 New things this month:
Pool/Water park
Teething toys and rattles

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