June 12, 2015

Camping- With Two Kids!

Last weekend we went camping!  This was the first time we've gone since we had kids, so it was definitely a different experience than what we had been used to.

Fortunately, it seems like our kids are pretty much the perfect age to take camping.  Andrew is old enough to enjoy running around outside, following his cousins around, and throwing a ball.  He is also old enough to understand to not get too close to the fire or walk out of the campsite (into the road) by himself.  And Brandon is young enough that he's not trying to crawl around in the dirt, mess with fire or roasting sticks, or basically do anything but look cute :)  He's also small enough (barely) to sleep in a laundry hamper, which was great so we didn't need to try to fit a pack and play in our tent with us.  Andrew even had his own room in my parents' mega tent, so that was a bonus!

We ate some great food, played some games, hiked, and hung out.  We were only there for one night, but it was a lot of fun!

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