December 3, 2012

No Baby Yet!

Apparently yesterday was just a little teaser.

I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before so Aaron and I left church early.  I had a sub already lined up to play piano for me in primary, so I planned to take a nice long nap when we got home.

Instead, I did some serious nesting, cried over everything, and had lots of contractions.  Nice.

But the contractions weren't at all regular (and only a little painful) so my great plan to go into labor last night didn't work out.  Dang.

And poor Aaron had to deal with me being an emotional wreck when we had planned a nice relaxing day at home.  Dang again.

Here's hoping that Gummy Bear decides he's ready to come soon, because this pregnant lady is ready to have a babe-in-arms rather than a babe-in-belly!


Mariko said...

Hang in there!! It will be soon enough! And there will a heckuva lot more crying once that baby comes and all your hormones go CRAZY, so that was just some good prep for Aaron!

mmeaders6 said...

I'm sorry! I hope he decides to come soon.

Suzie said...

Oh good luck!! My contractions were never regular... between 2 and 11 minutes apart for 7 hours before I went in! It sounds like it could be pretty soon!!