October 1, 2012

Product Review- Glade Expressions

So I got the chance to try out Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser and Fragrance Mist for free.  I was really excited about this since I've been wanting something like this (the diffuser more than the spray) for a little while and never got around to buying something.

Let's talk about the fragrance mist first.  I chose to try the Cotton & Italian Mandarin scent and I love it.  It really smells like clean laundry and it's just fresh.  However, I don't love the dispenser.  The whole selling point of this line is that when you run out of the smell (either the spray or the oil) you keep the dispenser and buy a refill of whatever scent you want.  And that's a great idea... IF you like the dispenser, which I didn't.  At first I thought it fit really nicely in my hand, but when I squeezed to spray it, I realized that the place my hand naturally fit is NOT the place you should hold it to get any spray out.  I had to add my other hand or move my hand up the neck of the bottle in order to get it to actually spray- otherwise it would just drip a bit.  (My husband tried it and had the same problem, so I know it's not just me!)  Once I figured out how to hold it, it works fine, and the scent is great.  But the functionality of the design just wasn't right.

I like the oil diffuser much better than the spray.  I chose Fuji Apple & Cardamom Spice for the scent on this one and I LOVE it.  It smells great without being overpowering.  I'm using it in my living room- it's great because I can have it on a shelf and there are no cords or batteries or heat to worry about.  It just sits there and smells good.  So very low maintenance and it just constantly emits the scent.  And it's pretty good looking too, as far as air fresheners go.  The scent is supposed to last 30 days, so I'll need to buy a refill soon.  That's one of my two issues with this product (both remembering to get refills and the cost of buying one every month).  The other complaint is just that I'd like the scent to be a little stronger.  It's a wonderful smell, but it isn't quite strong enough to fill the whole room.  This is really a minor complaint, especially since it would also be an issue if the smell was too strong, and maybe I'm using it in a bigger room than it was meant for.  Overall I'm really pleased with the oil diffuser though.

So my recommendation- skip the fragrance mist and get something that's easier to use.  But for a constant scent in a room, get this diffuser- it's a good one.

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*I got these products for free to try from BzzAgent.*

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The Browning Bunch said...

I read your review after I wrote mine and I laughed at how similar they are when it comes to the oil diffuser!