October 10, 2012

2 Months to Go!

I'm starting to freak out a little bit- Gummy Bear is due 2 months from today!

I've started to get cankles.  Lame.  I was hoping I'd miss the bullet on that one.

Bending over is hard.  And now that the weather has decided to get cooler (yay!) I can't just wear flip flops everywhere like I have been up until now.  Aaron has to help me get my shoes on and tied... often...

We are WELL stocked on size 1 diapers!  One of Aaron's coworkers had tons of extra from when his kid was little and sold us some of them for cheap.  Regular price on Amazon.com is anywhere from $.17-25 per diaper (depending on brand, package size, etc.) and we got these ones for $.069 per diaper!  Great deal!

Yesterday I sorted through the baby clothes we have so far...  I know we have a bunch of things to get still- in some sizes we have sleepers and onesies but no pants for example.  And also, I really have no idea how much he needs.  I guess it sort of depends on how often I want to do laundry (never!) but about how many outfits does a baby need in each size?  Anyone?  Anyone?

Baby has flipped!  He's been in the breech position pretty much since the beginning and at my appointment yesterday the doctor said that he's now head down!  Yay!  I was getting a little worried- now I just hope he stays that way until he's ready to come out!

Starting to think about labor and delivery and I'm getting a little freaked out.  We're getting close enough that it's feeling more real- we're going to have a baby!  Living here!  With us!  But wait- first we have to get the baby out from inside my body... not going to lie- I'm really nervous.

But I'm so excited to cuddle our little boy!  And that's what I have to think about when I start freaking out over my long to-do and to-buy lists.  We already love him so much and are so excited to meet him!

Gummy Bear at 23 Weeks


Rebecca Lewis said...

Invest in baby legs/leg warmers. They are MUCH easier than pants because you can leave them on for diaper changes. Also, You don't need a ton of newborn sizes. I just have a bunch of onesies and a couple other cute outfits for church and when I want her more dressed up, but most of the time my little girl is in onesies!

Congrats! You are getting close!

Johanna Holland said...

I would say that at very basic you need two Church/dressy (fun!) Outfits, and five pairs of pants/onesies/shirts and four warm sleeper outfits for every size. You'll wish you had more for laundry sake, but if you have these you'll be fine. I never had leggings, could be a great idea!