August 28, 2011

Long Post- to Catch up

I'm going to apologize in advance, because I think this is going to be a loaded post.  I keep meaning to go back and write individual posts about things that have happened since we moved here, but I just don't think that's going to happen.  The only reason this post is even happening is that my office doesn't have power at the moment, so I'm at home for the day (or however long the power is out).

So we moved in at the beginning of June.  We had driven out here with as much as we could fit in the car and everything else was left in a storage unit in Provo, knowing that Aaron's work would be moving all of our stuff for us.  So here we were, in this grand apartment... with no stuff.

Ok, we weren't entirely stuff-less.  My parents were generous enough to give/lend us a bunch of stuff.  So in addition to the stuff we could fit in the car (mostly clothes, food, computer, wii, and basic cleaning supplies) we had a couch and chair (about as old as me- I grew up with it), an entertainment unit and TV, a round folding table, 4 really uncomfortable metal folding chairs, a desk, 3 old bookcases, and the bedroom set that we bought cheap.  The china cabinet didn't come until later.

A week after we moved in, Aaron left to spend a month in Utah, working at his old job and hoping the movers would come get our stuff.  We didn't know it was going to be a whole month, but that's just how long it ended up.  Meanwhile, I was starting work at a metal recycling place, handling the exports for the company.  Also during that time, my parents came up to help me paint the apartment and I spent pretty much every weekend down in Manassas.  In mid July, hubby came home, just on time to see Harry Potter with me!  (I'm going to have to write a separate Harry Potter post, to say goodbye.)

2nd bedroom- "Quiet Rain"
Living Room- "Dapper Tan"

Master Bedroom- "Muted Sage"
No painting party is complete without root beer floats

At Harry Potter

However, Aaron came home... without our stuff.  The movers were apparently super booked and super understaffed, so they wouldn't be able to get our stuff moved until the beginning of August.  UGH.  So Aaron was home for a couple of weeks and then he went back out there for a few days to get our stuff loaded and turn in our storage keys.

The movers came on August 21st to deliver everything.  Let me remind you that we didn't have all that much stuff.  We lived in a furnished apartment in Provo, so we had almost no furniture.  Well, the movers came in a big tractor trailer.  We were the last ones on the load to be delivered, so it was our 4 feet of packed boxes in a 53' trailer.  Nice.  They were supposed to be there at 8am but they didn't end up at our apartment until like 10:30 or 11:00.  Anyway, it all got unloaded and carried up to our third floor apartment in a few hours.  And then the mess began.

That was a week ago.  Aaron started work on Monday, and we've spent every evening and all weekend this past weekend unpacking everything and trying to figure out where it all goes.  Well, we're finally done!  The only stuff that still needs a place are the decorative things and our board games.  Oh, and my sewing/craft supplies, which needs a desk.

Phew.  Congrats.  You made it.  Next up:  Earthquake and Hurricane.

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