April 17, 2011

Bike Ride

Aaron and I each have a bike.  I used to ride mine to campus, and Aaron still does, but that's about the extent of our bike riding ever since we bought our car.  There's one big hill between us and BYU but it's really a pretty short ride.

We had really great weather this weekend so we decided to take a bike ride.  There's a nice paved bike/pedestrian trail that goes from Provo up to Vivian Park in Provo Canyon (actually it starts before Provo, but we've never gone on that part).  So we oiled our starting-to-rust chains, packed a picnic lunch, and started biking to Bridal Veil Falls.  The trail was nice and there were a bunch of people out running or biking, but the path wasn't too crowded.  We had to stop just a couple times so I could catch my breath after a hill but we made it to the falls after biking for about an hour and 45 minutes.

We stopped to eat lunch, took a couple of pictures to prove we did it, and headed back.

It was almost entirely down hill coming home, which was great.  We made it back in less than an hour.

Honestly, I'm pretty proud of myself.  I knew it would be hard, especially considering I hadn't touched my bike since the fall, but I did it!  And it was about 9.2 miles each way, so we rode about 18.5 miles!  Pretty dang good compared to our normal 0-2 mile rides to campus.

We discovered that our bike seats are not very good for long rides.  My rear end is still hurting a little- ouch.

And we both have pink arms and cheeks.  It's been so long since we've had sunny days that we didn't even stop to think about sunscreen.  My pink is almost gone, but Aaron (especially his arms) is still looking a bit like a lobster.

Ah, sun, how I have missed you!

Unfortunately, it's supposed to rain a lot in the next few days, which is lame since it's graduation week for Aaron.  But he only had a couple finals left and his parents get here on Thursday.  Yay!

And Aaron's birthday is tomorrow!  Exciting!

And happy Palm Sunday!

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