March 24, 2011

Life Lately

Things have been a little crazy recently.  A little explanation...

You may not know, but Aaron got a "conditional" job offer a while back.  This is super exciting!  It's a government job and it's only about an hour and a half from where my parents live.  It's not his dream job, but it's in a great location, good salary, and it's a great stepping stone toward what he really wants to do.  It's "conditional" because it's not official yet- not until they finish the background check and polygraph testing and whatever else they have to do to get his security clearance.  And obviously he can't start work until that's all done, but they're trying to get it all done so he can start soon after graduation.  So the week of my birthday, the background checker was in town, talking to Aaron's coworkers, friends, boss, etc., and Aaron (of course).  And then Aaron flew out to the east coast this past week to do some more stuff for this job.  On the way to the airport, our check engine light came on.  Yikes.  So we had to get the rest of the way to SLC and I had to drive back to Provo with the light on.  We haven't noticed anything too weird though, but we took the car in tonight to get it checked out.  Fortunately there wasn't anything really wrong.  Apparently our car just didn't get as hot as cars normally do when driving under the conditions we were.  So good news!

Our apartment also got painted last week, right before Aaron left.  This was the most ridiculous thing ever.  First of all, we had to get everything off the furniture so they could move everything into the middle of the rooms.  OR we had to move everything ourselves.  Now, we don't have all that much stuff, considering this is a furnished apartment, but this is also a very small apartment, and there's just not a whole lot of room to be moving things around.  We decided to move most things ourselves since last time our maintenance guys moved our bookcase to fix something in the ceiling, they broke it.  So we have little faith in other people moving our stuff around.  So all of our stuff was in the middle of the rooms and I spent the day with Johanna and Rosie while the painters were here.  When I came back to my freshly painted apartment... It looked just the same as it did before.  I mean, the nail holes and stuff were all filled in, and all the little imperfections were gone, but the walls were still that sickly off-white color that looks like it was white once upon a time and has since faded and yellowed into what it is now.  Gross.  Ok but my main problem with this is that our apartment management decided it would be a good idea to paint every apartment in our complex between January and March.  Not only was it so cold when they started that I'm sure some of the apartments froze in their attempt to air out the space, but all of us have to live here!  I just cannot understand why they don't paint in between tenants rather than interrupting everyone's lives to refresh the nasty color.  Sorry for the rant, but my apartment is still not completely put back together from this insanity and the whole thing just frustrated me.

And now we're in the process of applying for an apartment out east.  We originally found a townhouse that looked good, but when my parents looked at it for us, they told us that it might not be a place we want to live for too long.  They suggested a different neighborhood.  So we found an apartment that we really like.  I haven't seen it in person, but Aaron got a chance to look at it while he was out there last week.  There's just so much paperwork and it's a little more difficult since we're not there to get it done.  All I know is that this is nothing like signing for an apartment in Provo.  But ultimately, I'm okay with that since I want to live somewhere better than anywhere I've lived here in Provo.  I just hope that things work out with this one we're applying for, because I don't want to have to start searching again!

So anyway, that's life lately for the Kimblers, and my excuses for not being good about updating the blog often enough!


Wilde Family said...

Congratulations on the "conditional" job. I hope it all works out and yay that you are going back east and closer to your parents. By the way, we loved the photos of you and Aaron babysitting the little baby. Very sweet photos.

Angie said...

Yay Erika and Aaron! Boo Provo apartments! I'm pretty sure most of BYU housing is the result of a massive eagle scout project during the 1970s--I don't think anyone knew what they were doing. And then management was taken over by the Nazis.

The Grish's said...

I'm so jealous! I want to go back east too! Congrats it's going to be an adventure I think you two are ready for!