April 29, 2011

Product Review- COVERGIRL

A break from my usual postings...

So I recently joined a website (BzzAgent) that is pretty cool.  They send me products to review, along with coupons to hand out to anyone who wants to try it out.  So here we go!

My first product to try out is foundation and gloss balm from CoverGirl.  It's from their new line, NatureLuxe.  They claim that it's silky smooth and moisturizing and all that.  I agree.  The foundation felt really silky and made my skin feel great.  It's a really light coverage foundation though, so I found that my skin didn't look quite as smooth as it felt with that makeup unless I used a lot of the foundation.  And halfway through the day, the silky feeling was gone, though my face stayed moisturized.  So if you like touching up your makeup during the day, great.  If not, you can just use a lot of it and you'll be fine.

The gloss balm is even better.  My lips are kind of big so I don't like putting too much color on my lips, as rich color just makes them look bigger.  But this stuff (at least the color I got) has just a touch of pink that made my lips looks great.  It's basically a combination lip gloss and lip balm (as the name suggests) and it's in a little tube like lipstick.  As with any balm or gloss, you have to reapply if you want the color to stay, but it's worth it.

I have coupons if anyone local wants one so you can try it yourself (I recommend it!) so let me know if you want one.

(I was given the products for free through BzzAgent.  But all opinions are my own and totally honest.)

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