December 28, 2015

Ten months

Brandon is ten months old!  In the last month he has made some major physical developments. 

While we were at my parents' house for Thanksgiving, Brandon started clapping! He would just sit in his high chair and clap at us. He looked so proud of himself. 

He can stand up without support! He's been standing up and walking while holding on to furniture for quite a while but now he can stand on his own!  This first happened when we were at church waiting for a meeting to start and Brandon was playing with my keys, standing in front of me. I had my hands under his armpits and I realized that he wasn't actually using me as support so I just let go and he continued standing there. He was so distracted by the keys that he didn't even notice right away what was happening. Since then he has taken a mini step without support, and has even bent over to pick up a toy and was almost able to stand back up on his own. He's a pretty fast crawler though so I'm not sure he'll really start walking until he thinks it's more efficient than crawling, but I think he's almost there!

We've had to make some alterations to Brandon's diet this month because of constipation issues, but he's still a great eater. He loves his finger foods and most of the baby food we give him too. We need to start working with him a little more on mastering the sippy cup, but he does well with it as long as we're helping him. 

We sure love our little guy and love watching him grow.

New things for Brandon this month:
 Standing up without support

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