January 5, 2016

Andrew is 3!

This has been a big year for my big boy. He became a big brother, started classes at MyGym, took his first airplane ride, and got potty trained!

Andrew's vocabulary is improving every day. I'm constantly hearing my own words coming out of his little mouth and it's both hilarious and embarrassing. I'm getting a clear picture of words and phrases I say to him often and what he's really picking up on. 

He has really grown into his role as a big brother. He sometimes gets annoyed at Brandon touching him or his toys but for the most part, Andrew really loves his brother and loves playing with him. 

He started potty training in October and is now fully (daytime) potty trained! He actually did a really great job with it. He was definitely ready and I'm loving that I have fewer diapers to change!

Andrew has started taking classes at MyGym and he loves it. He has one class a week plus he gets to go to a free play session there usually twice a week.

Andrew got to have a monster themed birthday party, which was a lot of fun.  He especially loved the monster cupcakes I made and the monster tattoos all the kids got to put on!

We're looking forward to another big year for Andrew!

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