August 14, 2015

Fruit Picking Day!

Andrew got really excited about this once we told him it was fruit picking day, just like on Daniel Tiger.  Seriously, that kid loves Daniel Tiger.

My mom was visiting while my dad was out of town helping my brother move.  We decided to spend a day picking some peaches and blackberries.  It was really fun and now I have a whole bunch of fresh and frozen fruit to snack on!

We did blackberries first.  Andrew was loving this part.  Some of the best berries were within his reach and it was easy for him to tell which ones were ready to be picked.  And of course he got to snack on some :)

Next we got peaches.  We ended up with way more than I had originally intended, because we just kept finding more beautiful fruit!

All in all a great (and a little expensive...) day!

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