August 23, 2015

Brandon- Six Months!

In some ways, these six months since Brandon was born have totally flown by.  But I mean it when I say that it also seems like he has always been a part of our family.  Weird how that works.

This month Brandon has really been working on his motor skills.  He can now hold up his bottle consistently (for basically the whole feed if it's a small bottle, or part of a feed if it's a bigger bottle).  He's also been practicing sitting up without support!  He started out using the boppy for help but now he can do it on his own for several minutes at a time.  I think he's really enjoying his new vantage point.

Brandon can crawl!  Well, crawling with his cute little baby belly still dragging on the ground.  It's not really an army crawl since he does use his legs too, and he can make it pretty far when he's going after something.

I love to see my little boys together... usually!  When they're both in good moods, Andrew and Brandon can just sit and giggle at each other for seemingly no reason and it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Brandon adores his big brother and usually lights up when he gets some of his attention.

No teeth yet, but that's not too surprising since Andrew didn't get his first one until he was almost 8 months old.

Brandon is now eating solid foods!  Not consistently (not even every day yet) but so far he's had applesauce, rice cereal, carrot puree, peach puree, and banana.  He's done really well with all of it so far.  He even made a really good attempt at getting my pizza the other day.  Sorry buddy, I don't think you're quite there yet!

New things this month:
Sitting up unsupported
Solid foods

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