October 9, 2014

Pregnancy Update and Gender Predictions

Well, here we are- more than 19 weeks along in this pregnancy!  In a way it seems like this pregnancy is moving along a lot faster than the last one, maybe because I'm busy with Andrew this time.

This baby is active.  I felt him/her move for the first time on Labor Day (when I was almost 14 weeks along) and Aaron was able to feel the movement a few weeks ago too.  This is WAY earlier than we felt Andrew.  I guess that's normal though for second-time (and more) moms.  At our last two appointments, the doctor even commented on how much the baby was moving around- they had to keep moving the doppler to follow the heartbeat.

Like last time, I thought it would be fun to look at some old wives tales about gender.  They were definitely wrong last time; let's see if they can do better this time around:
  • Chinese Gender Predictor:  Based on my age and conception month.  BOY.
  • Carrying: If you carry low, it's a boy; high, it's a girl. NOT SURE?  Isn't it too early to know if I'm carrying low or high?  Or maybe I just carry in the middle...
  • Heart Rate:  Girl is over 140bpm, boy is under 140bpm.  GIRL. They haven't told us bpm since the dating ultrasound though, so not sure how "accurate" this is.
  • Feet Temperature: Boys cause cold feet, girls don't change mom's feet temp. BOY.
  • Morning Sickness:   Have it?  Girl.  Not so much?  Boy.  GIRL.
  • Cravings:  Craving sweets = girl. Craving salty/sour = boy.  BOY.  I haven't been craving salty/sour foods so much, but I've been pretty anti-sweets since I got pregnant, like last time.  My sweet tooth is starting to come back though.
  • Boobs:  Which one is bigger?  Left = girl. Right = boy.  GIRL.
  • Sleeping Position:  Preference for the left side means a boy, preference for the right means a girl. BOY.  Though I often switch part of the way through the night, after my potty break.
  • Headaches:  Boys cause headaches, girls don't.  GIRL.
  • Sympathy Weight:  If the husband gains weight, it's a girl.  If not, a boy.  BOY.
  • Opinion of the Mom-to-be:  In a study that asked women with no previous knowledge about their baby's sex, the moms-to-be correctly guessed the gender of their baby 71% of the time. NOT SURE?  Really, no idea.  Sometimes I'm convinced it's a girl, and other times I say "he" when talking about the baby.  (Aaron was convinced Andrew would be a boy, and was right, but this time he won't even make a prediction because he doesn't know.)

So the old wives aren't coming to a consensus this time.  (What do you think?  Vote in the poll above!)

We have our ultrasound early next week, so hopefully baby cooperates and lets us see if he's a boy or she's a girl!


Johanna Holland said...

I'll put my vote in for boy! (But you'll have a marvelous time either way)

n8'swife said...

We can't wait to find out!