July 16, 2012

Gummy Bear Update- 19 Weeks

Just got back from the doctor, checking up on Gummy Bear.  And I got to hear the heartbeat again.  (Doctor: "Couldn't be any more perfect if we tried!")  It's so reassuring to hear that sound- it's been 5 weeks since the last visit and I was getting anxious.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that there is a very good reason I'm tired and fat and sick all the time!

But I've also been feeling pokes and flutters in my belly recently!  At first I wasn't sure if it was the baby or not, but it's happened enough now that I'm fairly certain when I'm feeling Gummy Bear dancing and swimming around in there.  (I still have times when I doubt though, especially when I'm feeling bloated and/or gassy... hey, no one said pregnancy was comfortable!)

But Aaron and I are REALLY looking forward to finding out Gummy Bear's gender!  It's really coming up- our sonogram is scheduled for the end of the week!  (Vote on the poll above- do you think we're having a boy or a girl?)  Let's see what the old wives have to say:
  • Chinese Gender Predictor:  Based on my age and conception month.  GIRL.
  • Carrying: If you carry low, it's a boy; high, it's a girl. NOT SURE?  I don't feel like I'm carrying especially high or low...
    Heart Rate:  Girl is over 140bpm, boy is under 140bpm.  GIRL.
  • Feet Temperature: Boys cause cold feet, girls don't change mom's feet temp. GIRL.
  • Morning Sickness:   Have it?  Girl.  Not so much?  Boy.  GIRL.
  • Cravings:  Craving sweets = girl. Craving salty/sour = boy.  BOY.  I haven't been craving salty/sour foods so much, but I've been pretty anti-sweets since I got pregnant.
  • Boobs:  Which one is bigger?  Left = girl. Right = boy.  GIRL.
  • Sleeping Position:  Preference for the left side means a boy, preference for the right means a girl. GIRL.
  • Headaches:  Boys cause headaches, girls don't.  GIRL.  (I've had headaches, but no more than before I was pregnant.)
  • Sympathy Weight:  If the husband gains weight, it's a girl.  If not, a boy.  BOY. (I think)
  • Opinion of the Mom-to-be:  In a study that asked women with no previous knowledge about their baby's sex, the moms-to-be correctly guessed the gender of their baby 71% of the time.  GIRL.
Looks like the old wives are leaning toward guessing girl?   Either way, we are excited to find out!  Hopefully Gummy Bear will cooperate this week!

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