June 20, 2014

Basement Construction Zone

We are hard at work (periodically) finishing our basement!  A few weeks ago we bought a whole bunch of material and my dad helped us get started!  Mostly my dad and Aaron were doing the work, but my mom and I came down when we could and helped too.

We are basically cutting the basement into four rooms, and in that one weekend, we have two rooms framed and drywalled!  I'm excited that this will soon be useable space.

We are making progress!  One more room to go (the fourth is utilities and storage space) and I need to start thinking about finishes- flooring, paint, etc.


Mariko said...

That's awesome! And how nice of your dad! Cannot wait to see it all done!

Aaron Kimbler said...

Russ works really hard when you pay him in root beer.

Caitlyn Bell said...

Basement Conversion is the best way of gaining extra space in your home. Thanks - Erika! We all appreciate your efforts. Keep up the good work.