April 22, 2014

Birthday and Easter Weekend

This past weekend was a double feature of special days!  Aaron's birthday was on Friday and then Easter was on Sunday!  Aaron's parents even came down for the weekend, so that was a bonus too!

On Friday, Aaron took the day off.  I got a haircut and then we just had a fun and relaxing day.  Andrew had lots of fun getting reacquainted with his grandparents (he was pretty shy when they first walked in).  We went to PF Chang's for dinner, and then had angel food cake for dessert after Aaron opened some presents.

Saturday started off with a breakfast and Easter egg hunt at church.  Andrew was too little to do the hunt last year, but this year he loved it!  He had no idea that there were goodies inside though, so there was a heavy mom-tax (and dad-tax and grandparent-tax) on the candy.  After his nap, we all headed over to Annapolis for the afternoon.  We went to a maritime museum, did some walking in and around the State House, and went to dinner at a place that serves all local crabs (and other seafood).  We all got crab cakes and it was delicious!  A trip to Coldstone finished out the evening :)

I was excited that we had company over for Easter Sunday.  I had a lot of fun preparing for it.  We had an Easter basket with goodies for each of us, German pancakes for breakfast, and an Easter egg hunt.  The eggs were all over the main floor and contained pieces of a puzzle that we all put together after finding the eggs.  Church was nice (I sang with the choir for 2 numbers) and then we came back to the house for dinner.  I was quite proud of myself for the Easter dinner: Ham, candied sweet potatoes, asparagus with lemon sauce, rolls (shaped like bunnies, of course), hard boiled eggs, and sparkling cranberry raspberry juice.  It turned out great and it was awesome to have people to share it with.  And Andrew looked especially adorable in the suit my mom made for him :)

All in all a wonderful weekend to celebrate Aaron and Christ.

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