September 3, 2013

Let's Review: Lysol Power & Free (Part 2)

(See here for part 1)

To recap, BzzAgent sent me a bottle of the new Lysol Power & Free spray and wipes to try out.  I already reviewed the wipes, and I finally tried out the spray too!

When I was making lunch yesterday, my meal boiled over.  Lame.  So there was a cheesy sauce that got all over the stove and burner, and especially in the drip pan.  And of course, I didn't clean it up right away.  That's just how it happens sometimes.

So while Aaron and I were cleaning the kitchen last night after Andrew was in bed, I pulled out the Lysol spray and squirted it all over the stove.

I looked at the back of the bottle, and it said that you have to let it sit for 10 minutes if you want it to disinfect.  We don't have that much patience, and it's not like we had been using raw meat or anything, so we just waited about 3 minutes, hoping that would be enough time for the nasty stuff to soften enough that we could wipe it off easily.  The burner and the stove top were clean in one wipe of the sponge.  Seriously.  The drip pan still took some scrubbing since the sauce had burned onto it, but we were still super impressed.

And the spray smells good too!  The wipes didn't smell great (although much better than bleach cleaner!) so I was expecting much of the same with the spray.  But it was a citrus scent that I actually liked- nice!

So yeah, I liked this product.  Another A on this one.

*I got these cleaners for free though BzzAgent, but all opinions are my own!*

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