August 21, 2013

Radford Weekend- Baby Blessing!

This past weekend, we took a little road trip!  The reason for the trip was to visit with my sister and be there for her baby's blessing.  But Aaron has been working a few extra hours recently so he was able to take Friday off so we could head to my parents' place for a day first.

So on Thursday night we drove to the lake house (2 1/2 hours of driving).  On Friday we spent the day playing.  We played tennis, went for a walk through a long canal tunnel, played tennis again, played cards, made popsicles, and hung out.

On Saturday morning we headed out for Radford (4 hours of driving).  We checked in to our hotel, hung out with my sister and her family, ate pizza, and went back to the hotel for the night.

On Sunday we packed up and went to church.  Chris gave Graham a beautiful blessing and I got to go to Sunday School and Relief Society (I attend Primary when I'm in my own ward).  After church we all headed over to a park to have lunch, take pictures, and socialize.  We had a good sized group- Natalie's family, my parents, Austin, our family, Chris's parents, and three of Chris's grandparents.  Chris's mom made most of the food and it was awesome.

Then it was time for the drive home (5 hours of driving).

It was a really good weekend.  Parts of it were stressful, specifically the driving since Andrew doesn't love being restricted in his car seat, but we were so happy to meet our newest nephew and be there for his special day.

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