July 9, 2013

Independence Day

We headed out to my parents' lake house on July 3rd after Aaron got off work.  It was just my dad there- my mom was in Radford, helping my sister who just had a baby.  Their community had a fireworks show planned for that night.

Side note- a lot of places did fireworks on the 3rd this year.  Anyone know why?  I know Fort Meade did them that night too...

The plan was that we would put Andrew to bed at his usual time, and then my dad was going to stay at the house with the baby monitor while Aaron and I went to the beach to watch the fireworks.

For some reason, Andrew slept for an hour and then decided he had enough sleep for a while.  So he ended up being wide awake when it was time to head out to see the fireworks.  So we ended up all going together and Andrew saw fireworks for the first time!

It was actually a good show.  We didn't have the best view from where we were on the beach, so halfway through we moved up the parking lot and watched from there.  The little man was so interested in the fireworks- not scared at all.  I was impressed.

On the 4th, Aaron, Andrew, and I were completely lazy in the morning, while my dad did a lot of driving to pick up my mom (something like 4 hours each way I think).  When they got back we went swimming at the beach and had burgers for dinner.  It was a really nice, relaxing day!

(Which is great, because the next few days were just the opposite- and that's what I will write about in my next post.)

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