December 29, 2011

Christmas in New York

We decided to spend Christmas with Aaron's parents in upstate New York this year.  We ended up being the only "kids" who were up there this year but it was still a lot of fun!

We got there on Friday night, around 8:30pm.  Smooth drive, except for a little traffic in Shamokin Dam.  Yes, the town is really called Shamokin Dam.  Ate food, talked, went to bed.

Saturday we went to a baptism, played games, and went to Aaron's grandma's apartment for dinner.  YUM.

Sunday we practiced restraint and didn't open anything until after church.  Karen asked me to sing with the RS and YW in Sacrament Meeting (Still, Still, Still) because there were only 2 altos and  plethora of sopranos.  We only had the one hour of church and it was full of music- I teared up a couple times.  I love when the Christmas program is on Christmas Day!

Once we got back to the house, we opened stockings and presents.  I think this was my first Christmas with just adults, so it was different, but still fun to give and receive gifts!

Then we ate Christmas dinner and played cards for a while until Aaron's grandma went home.

Monday morning we went shopping.  I LOVE shopping the day after holidays!  There's not quite as much of a selection, but you can stock up for the next year for about half the price.  So we shopped in Greece, Sweden, and Batavia (I think) and went to Friendly's for lunch.

Played Settlers again.  Aaron won again.

Once it was getting dark, we headed out for Niagara Falls.  We stayed on the American side this time.  They light up the falls with colored lights at Christmas and it's really pretty.  I had a hard time getting good photos of it but I ended up getting a few clear ones. (Click to enlarge)

Tuesday morning we packed up, ate brunch, and headed out.  We were doing really well until York PA, where there was an accident that closed I-83 S less than a mile ahead of us.  So after sitting there for a few minutes, we put the car in park.  After 10 more minutes, we turned off the car.  And about 30 minutes after that, we finally started moving.  Ugh.  Too bad there was no exit between us and the accident, or we would have taken it and found a different way around.

So we finally got home on Tuesday evening.

All in all, a great trip!

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