February 22, 2011

Valentine's Day, kind of

So a few months ago, my friend Jami posted a deal on facebook that she had found for the Anniversary Inn in Salt Lake.  Aaron and I thought it sounded fun so we went ahead and got the deal.  Of course it wasn't valid during Valentine's weekend, so we decided to use it this past weekend instead.  So we didn't really do much on actual Valentine's Day- I made Hawaiian Haystacks for dinner and we rented a movie.

So on Saturday, Aaron dropped me off at work for our matinee of the Cougarettes in Concert.  He was planning on changing the brake pads while I was gone, but it was raining so that didn't happen.  I wondered why he was still dropping me off since he wouldn't be using the car, but I didn't think a whole lot about it.  When I got home after the matinee, I found that Aaron had done the laundry, cleaned the entire apartment, and bought me roses and chocolate.  My hubby is the best.

Ok so on Sunday after choir practice at my apartment (and a little Mario Kart) we finished packing and left for Salt Lake City.  We got to Anniversary Inn and were a little worried because the place looks a little worn down from the outside, but once we got in, those worries were gone.  We checked in and they gave us a chocolate and caramel heart (huge- like 3 inches across) for booking a night in February.  We got up to our room and found the cheesecake and sparkling cider they had left for us in the fridge.  The room was super cute (it was like a private train car).  We picked up some pizza from The Pie and ate it back in our room while watching a movie that the hotel checked out to us for free.

Monday morning they brought breakfast to our door.  SO GOOD.  It was a ham and cheese stuffed croissant, a huge cinnamon roll, a couple of parfaits, hot chocolate and juice.  Yum.

After we checked out, we headed to Sandy to spend the afternoon at the Living Planet Aquarium.  It wasn't a huge aquarium, but it was still pretty cool.  They had a "touch tank" with 4 sting rays in it, a penguin exhibit, an octopus, snakes, eels, starfish, seahorses, and of course a lot of fish.  After walking around the aquarium and looking at all the animals, we watched people feed the sting rays and the octopus.  It was all pretty cool.

Then we headed back to Salt Lake for dinner.  We took a suggestion from my friend, Michelle, and went to Tucci's.  It's an Italian place and it was so good!  I'm pretty sure the owner is also the guy who started the restaurant, and he also seated us and served us.  I'm so glad we went there.  (We also got a suggestion to go to the Red Iguana- we were more in the mood for Italian food this time, but we love Mexican food too so we'll have to go try the Red Iguana before we leave Utah.)

So after dinner we came back to Provo.

It was a really fun getaway and I'm so glad we went.  I can hardly believe that Aaron and I have been married for almost 2 years- time has gone by so quickly and yet I feel like we've been together forever because we know each other so well.  I'm looking forward to many more Valentine's Days together.


JamiLeigh said...

So fun! I'm glad you guys liked the Anniversary Inn. :)

Abby said...

Aww how fun! Logan and I have been wanting to go check out Anniversary Inn; I'm glad you guys enjoyed it! Sounds like a great weekend:)

The Browning Bunch said...

Sounds like a good weekend! (and what a wonderful husband to clean up and do the laundry - that makes any day better!)